The mission of the Norton Pop Warner Football & Cheer is to allow our children to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Norton programs teach fundamental values,

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Norton Pop Warner Football And Cheer


The Pop Warner Mission:

The mission of Pop Warner Little Scholars is to enable young people to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Pop Warner programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives.


by Wizard posted 10/19/2014
Welcome 2014 Norton Pop Warner Coaches

Dear Norton Pop Warner Community,

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you how proud we are to introduce the 2014 Norton Pop Warner Head Coaching Staff for Football and Cheer!  Continuity and Commitment are cornerstones of what we believe in NPW, and as we are fortunate to continue to have many familiar faces on the fields and at the mats with our children this year.  Each of our coaches are part of the long standing tradition of hard work, integrity, and fair play with many coaches moving up in age with your children to the next level.   We are also very excited that ALL Head coaches are officially acknowledged as Norton Pop Warner voting eligible Board Members for the 2014 Calendar year. (Please see updated list of our 28 Board Members below)

Watch soon for a piece being prepared on each coach to come, or even better, come on down on Saturday March 8, where many will be in attendance, and meet them for yourself.

2014 Norton Pop Warner Football Head Coaches


A Football           Ed Potvin

B Football           Jay Cote

C Football           Jim Cochrane

D Football           Tom Mulvaney

I Football             Sean Darling

Flag Football      Chris Mordas

2014 Norton Pop Warner Cheer Head Coaches

A Cheer                Jennifer Mordas

B Cheer                Melissa Murphy

C Cheer                Finalizing Decision

D Cheer                Kate DeFeo

I Cheer                 Finalizing Decision

Flag Cheer          Tiffany Wilbur


Last year we did not field a B Team Cheer, however, we hope to have a full set of Cheer Teams in 2014! Let’s Go Girls!!

Over the next few weeks our coaches committee will identify the Assistant coaches with collective input from the Head Coaching staff.  We value the teamwork concept to be taught from the “top down” from the coaching staff to the rookies, and we have a great group of candidates with a wealth of experience, unlimited love for the game, and a passion to participate in your child’s sports and academic development.  While this list is not final, we are as excited about this team coming together as we are to have more participation, so put YOUR application in now!

Assistant Coach Applicants:

Autumn Chapman

Bill McNichols

Bob Tetrault

Chris Tripolone

Chuck Coffey

Dan DeFeo

Danielle Chase

Diane Hines

Gary Mattos

Jacob Dennett

Jamie Chapman

Jim Elliot

Jim MacNaught

Joe Goyette

Kate Chipoli

Kevin Croce

Mark Ogilvie

Matt Kirrane

Michelle Nordbeck

Rob Hunt

Ted Kane

Tim Nordbeck

Thank you all for your continued support of Norton Pop Warner and your generous commitment to the continued success and improvement of our organization!

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, and I don’t mind telling you, wait until you see our 2014 Registration T-Shirts (Football and Cheer)!  Special thanks to Sean Darling on his excellent design work on these shirts and for his relentless efforts to improve the program!


On Behalf of the Norton Pop Warner Board of Directors

Dan DeFeo

Public Relations and Marketing

Norton Pop Warner, Inc.


Christopher D. Mordas


Norton Pop Warner, Inc.

P.O. Box 211

Norton, MA 02766

Cell (508) 212-6081

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